Endodontic Needles

Endodontic irrigation needles

Irrigation Endo Probe of CK Dental with perfect surface processing “through highly precise technology and well rounded close tip.“ “It is safe and perfect for periodontal pockets irrigation as well as root canal irrigation.” And effectiveness is maximized compare to the existing product.

Root canal clean “Unlike existing single side went Product. CK Root Canal side both Port Product” has a hole in both sides which reduces risk caused by the high pressure “of irrigating solution (NaOCl, Saline) during root canal irrigation, and maximizes perfect irrigation.”

Periodontal pocket irrigation “With the best technical knowhow, closed end of the product is process” “process to be perfectly well rounded, which enables to eliminate bacteria and toxin” without tissue damage during periodontal pocket irrigation.

Periodontal pocket irrigation

  • endodontic needle-half cut
    (end-side open)

  • endodontic needle tip-
    single side vent
    (end close-side one port)

  • endodontic needle tip-
    double side vent
    (end close-side two port)

IMAGE Cauhe(G) Size(L) Color
21G (0.8mm) 25mm, 32mm green
23G (0.6mm) 25mm, 32mm blue
25G (0.5mm) 25mm, 32mm orange
27G (0.4mm) 25mm, 32mm medium gray
30G (0.3mm) 25mm, 32mm yellow

Periodontal pocket irrigation

Half Cut Single Side Vent Double Side Vent
30G x 25(32)mm ED30 - 25(32)-H 30G x 25(32)mm ED30 - 25(32)-S 30G x 25(32)mm ED30 - 25(32)-D
27G x 25(32)mm ED27 - 25(32)-H 27G x 25(32)mm ED27 - 25(32)-S 27G x 25(32)mm ED27 - 25(32)-D
25G x 25(32)mm ED25 - 25(32)-H 25G x 25(32)mm ED25 - 25(32)-S 25G x 25(32)mm ED25-25(32)-D
23G x 25(32)mm ED23 - 25(32)-H 23G x 25(32)mm ED23 - 25(32)-S 23G x 25(32)mm ED23 - 25(32)-D
21G x 25(32)mm ED21 - 25(32)-H 21G x 25(32)mm ED21 - 25(32)-S 21G x 25(32)mm ED21 - 25(32)-D